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Joasetbergi overvåking fjellskred med totalstasjon

4. December 2017

Written by Mike Voellmecke

Cautus Geo has established an automatic monitoring system at Joasetbergi.

Joasetbergi is a part of the unstable mountain area Stampa in Sogn og Fjordane county. It is located 800m up the mountainside east of the town of Flåm at the end of Aurlandsfjorden, 125 km east of Bergen.

Stampa is one of the largest unstable mountains in Norway with a volume of over 300 million cubic meters.

The system consists of radar, several crack meters and a total station. The total station measures a series of prisms, and the measurements provide information on movements in 3D with millimeter accuracy.

The following video shows the system and additional information on the project: