Camera monitoring for avalanches on Svalbard

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kameraovervåking for snøskred på svalbard

13. October 2017

Written by Mike Voellmecke

Camera monitoring for avalanches

Cautus Geo delivers camera equipment for snow monitoring related to snow drift and avalanches on roadways.

Last week, Cautus Geo installed equipment for monitoring of the snow conditions near the access road to SvalSat from Longyearbyen, Svalbard. The road runs along a steep slope, and every winter snowdrifts transported by wind and avalanches cause significant issues. Snowdrifts cause the driving conditions to be very difficult and increase the danger for avalanches over the road, which in turn exposes snow plow crews and motorists to an undesirably high risk. The darkness of the Svalbard winter further complicates the matter and often causes the road to be unnecessarily closed, thereby affecting both the company and its employees.

Cautus Geo has now installed automatic snow depth measurement instruments, a web camera and external light sources for monitoring the conditions along the road and in the avalanche-prone mountainside. The system will provide SvalSat and snow plow crews with more information on current conditions, which will improve the basis for decision-making and safety for all parties involved.

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