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Gámanjunni GNSS

14. June 2018

Written by Mike Voellmecke

Cautus Geo has delivered the GNSS network used by NVE (Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate) to monitor the particularly rockslide-prone area Gámanjunni in Kåfjord municipality in northern Troms county.

Gámanjunni will bury large parts og Manndalen below if a rockslide occurs and put the nearby residents at risk.

Gámanjunni is one of the most unstable mountain peaks in Norway with a volume of over 26 million cubic meters. It moves approximately 6 cm each year.

See NRK’s coverage of the story on nrk.no:

Video is also available in the episode of Dagsrevyen/NRK from Wednesday June 6th, 2018.