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SAAF deformasjonskabel installeres på togskinne

4. 4 April 2017

Written by Mike Voellmecke

Cautus Geo has recently installed a SAAF deformation measurement cable along a rail line on the Follobane (Follo Line) project in downtown Oslo. The instrument cable has a sensor every 500 mm and will monitor for potential movement of a 30-meter rail section while work to expand the rail network in the area continues. This will help to ensure that the existing rail lines can continue to be operated safely throughout the construction phase.

Due to the high volume of train traffic on these lines, the work had to be performed at night during a short window where the line was closed. With good preparations in place, the installation was completed during the (very) early morning hours of March 28th, 2017. Here is a short film showing the installation process:

The Follo Line project is currently Norway’s largest rail development project, with the goal of improving the connection of Oslo to cities located to the south along the east side of Oslofjord.