Latest news

11. June 2024

Torje Fostås (25) is a new project engineer in the field department at Cautus Geo.

6. June 2024

May Kvalheim Bagge-Lund (49) has been appointed as the new Head of Water and Environment at Cautus Geo.

14. February 2024

Stavbrekka is being monitored to ensure an early opening of the winter-closed road from Lom to Geiranger

16. January 2024

Geomatics engineer Bjørnar Nevland Knudsen is the new geodesist at Cautus Geo.

20 December 2023

The county road through Oldedalen in Stryn, which is prone to landslides, will be secured with radar that automatically closes and reopens the road.

15. December 2023

Cautus Geo secures the E16 in Vaksdal. A new radar system is in place. It ensures automatic road closure and reopening.

27. 27 November 2023

Cautus Geo is strengthening its focus on the environment and climate. A new head of the area will be recruited.

10. 10 November 2023

Atle Gerhardsen has been appointed as the new CEO of Cautus Geo.

3. 3 November 2023

Cautus Geo secures Beisfjordveien in Nordland with radar and light.

27. October 2023

Cautus Geo and Odd Sverre Østlie advised the government on the white paper on floods and landslides.

11. October 2023

Odd Sverre Østlie of Cautus Geo and Anne Strømmen Lycke of NORSAR have signed the agreement.

9. October 2023

Øystein Jensen is employed in a new position as technical manager.