Surveying for safety

Cautus Geo protects people, infrastructure and the environment with automated monitoring.

Cautus Geo AS specialises in geomonitoring solutions; automatic monitoring of stability, deformation and the environment.

We aim to be a leading and developing player in efficient and safe continuous monitoring solutions for land, water and exposed structures.

An important part of the concept is to link causal factors and events together for joint analysis and notification in real time in Cautus Web. By combining several types of sensors in one platform, it is easier to distinguish unnatural events from normal trends.

Lars Krangnes og Ragnhild Lie

Why automatic monitoring?

Automatic solutions for monitoring stability, deformation and environment will be able to:

  • Increase safety
  • Increase efficiency
  • Provide information and notification of the need for action
  • Reduce costs
  • Provide a basis for decisions
  • Document that everything is in order

Our flexible water level measurement systems, which include pressure cells, radars and ultrasonic sensors, can be powered by battery and CL data loggers for accurate monitoring of water levels.

Controlled by Cautus Web, our automated water sampling systems customise the frequency of measurements according to project needs, offering significant savings compared to manual sampling.

Our flexible weather stations, powered by battery and CL data loggers, measure critical weather parameters customised to the user's needs.

Our advanced tilt sensors provide precise 2D and 3D monitoring of tilt changes in structures, with wireless communication and long battery life.

Our flow meters and wave height meters accurately record current speeds, directions and wave heights in rivers, lakes and oceans, with flexible installation options.

Our high-resolution and accurate tension rods and tension clamps monitor deformation in structures, dams, tunnels and mountains, with data integrated into Cautus Web.

Our battery-based noise meters provide accurate monitoring and reporting of noise levels, with real-time data available in Cautus Web.

Our fully automated dust monitors provide reliable monitoring of dust levels, with data available in Cautus Web for real-time alerting and analysis.


Our web-based data management solution supports data from many types of sensors and instruments.